Demo 2016

by Fatal Vision

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released May 24, 2016

Recorded/Mixed by Bowen Matheson



all rights reserved


Fatal Vision Kelowna, British Columbia

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Track Name: Cycles
So sick of being played, I'm nothing but a toy
Just when I open my arms, I realize there lies a ploy

Always suffering the agony
Forever shackled, never meant to be break free
Trapped in, this maze of minds games
Stuck between pain and shame
Forfeit.. my will to live
Pressure builds, but I'm forced to give
I won't forget that I'm not the first
I won't, bite my tongue, to. be. immersed

Living in turmoil, No. Self. Worth

I thought it was the black sheep instinct
Cold truth is I'm one with herd
Never trying to look on the bright side
Pessimism has left me assured

I keep telling myself I'll never indulge
I'll never give you, the light of day
I'll never regret
This pain, this shit, none of it
I'll never indulge my soul

No escape, no remorse, no control, enough

The cycle never fucking ends.
Track Name: Dead End
I’ll never know what took you down this path
Never understood. Never followed
While every throw cut from your wrath
from the mouth that, grips the bottle
Derailed train of thought
Lingering shadows of consequences
The selfish acts you choose
The selfless pain a noose

Completely blind to what will come
Anxious cries - a product from your self centred, stubborn ways
Distance builds and these ties fray
Contempt from the start
Rain still falls but these clouds will part
Destiny a cold black
Family, clean up your act

Give it up, why can't you fucking see
You lay a burden on the ones you need
deal with the devil, no turning back
I’ll watch you fade to black

How many times can you reap what you sow
Before he strikes with the final blow
Eternal bliss, to pay with your life
Sleep tight while angels take flight
Track Name: Snakes
Thought twice before wasting breath on you
but when I know that others can relate
writing this was all I could do
I made a mistake, and it haunted me for days
I tried to make amends
but ignorance pushed me away

I tried to right my wrongs
I will fight what is wrong

Thought twice for each side of your face
but when I show, character like you
I hate myself, I rest my case
I tried to make things right and start new
Fuelled your ego with apology
An inflated front for all to see

I tried to right my wrongs
I will fight what is wrong

Tell me this is a bad look

Don’t try to label me, you fuckin punk
I don’t need you looking out for me
I can stand on my own two feet